Jets flying home to Winnipeg?

It’s true – the Winnipeg Jets are being wished back into existence, remarkably after being exported to Arizona as a potential “cash cow” (or, er, coyote). So much for that idea. How much was the Phoenix Coyotes’ bankruptcy price, $140 million? And according to The Toronto Star, the club is now a further $20 million in the hole after this season.… Continue reading Jets flying home to Winnipeg?

Giro d’Italia on your iPhone

Like your cycling? Akamai Technologies has set up live video streaming for the iPhone of the Il Giro d’Italia this month. The event, in its 93rd year, is said to be the second toughest stage race behind the Tour de France and has already attracted 120,000 app downloads. The Giro is being broadcast live from eight o’clock each morning (EST) and is available via the GazzettadelloSport app.

Flyers need song, stamp and more to win

The Philadelphia Flyers are working with the US Postal Service to unveil a stamp of legendary singer Kate Smith at the Spectrum this month. As The Inquirer recalled yesterday, Smith performed “God Bless America” before the Flyers played the Boston Bruins in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 1974. And she’s been a good luck charm ever since because the… Continue reading Flyers need song, stamp and more to win

Retro cool LED watch

This Diode LED watch by LIP stood out to us while reading today. It’s just so old school 70s cool. And $250 seems a fair price. Seriously, this is the type of watch Batman must wear, right? Watchismo has more pics.

Rojo Johnson takes the mound

Will Ferrell – we mean Rojo Johnson – took the mound for the Houston Astros Triple-A affiliate in Round Rock last night, delighting fans but probably not so much the opposition. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you No.99, Roooooojooooo Joooooohnson.

Rome’s gladitorial arena

Australian tennis great Paul McNamee gives a poetic account of what it’s like to play in Rome’s Foro Italico, in a recent online article.  McNamee, who was the world’s best doubles player back in 1981, describes the Roman experience as if he were a gladiator entering the Coliseum: “Firstly, you depart from the locker room into a long, winding and… Continue reading Rome’s gladitorial arena

Super Saver has a super rider

Super Saver won the Derby, yes, but is there enough acclaim for both horse and rider? Well Jason Gay of The Wall Street Journal wrote a great piece today about why Super Saver’s jockey, Calvin Borel, needs to be considered as America’s coolest sports star. Our favorite paragraph: Do you know what kind of steel… Continue reading Super Saver has a super rider

Puma’s getting clever

Next time you slip on a t-shirt for the gym or your runners for a jog, consider the logo you’re wearing. Was there a good reason you chose that brand, or was it just something you found under the Christmas tree one year? Well Puma might gives us all a reason to reconsider our sportswear… Continue reading Puma’s getting clever

Kentucky Derby tradition

The Kentucky Derby is famous for its fashion. Oh, and for its horse race. But without a doubt, when the Derby tears through Louisville tomorrow, the “most exciting two minutes in sports” will be competing with some equally scintillating off-track action. The Huffington Post has a nice collection of Derby fashion photos from over the… Continue reading Kentucky Derby tradition