Outdoor hockey, on thin ice?

Is outdoor hockey likely to stay? It took a puck to the crotch following the Heritage Classic in Calgary a few years back. Instead of praising the fun and tradition of the game, as has happened in past al fresco forays, several reporters are stuck on the cons – and probably still, to their frozen seats.… Continue reading Outdoor hockey, on thin ice?

Top football technology

With the NFL season halfway through, let’s talk football technology. Style + Tech For Men once posted a Top 11 Highest-scoring Advancements in Super Bowl Technology. It’s a good list, with my favorite being No. 2, Supervision, a system of multiple high-speed cameras. These cameras provide us football nuts with high-def, ultra-slow-motion replays, which have revolutionized watching… Continue reading Top football technology

Tampa Bay vintage

The Tampa Bay Lightning Leaf-style look is still great, despite more mixed reviews than a Super Bowl anthem singing. News sites, blogs and fan polls about the flash digs differ in their views with those in favour hardly overwhelming the detractors. I find this strange because the new jersey is all class. I’m no Armani… Continue reading Tampa Bay vintage