Great logos of the World Series

Two of the globe’s biggest sporting brands battled in American baseball’s 2018 World Series, fielding not simply the best line-ups in the sport but arguably two of the most recognisable sports logos. The lettering that adorns the caps of both the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox might only be superseded by the famed… Continue reading Great logos of the World Series

Rays baby blue is a winner

Don’t look now but the Tampa Bay Rays have the best record in the majors at 14-5, as well as the best jersey. Okay, so that’s debatable. But Tampa’s baby blue number must have had the Blue Jays scratching their heads last week, seeing as it’s the same color Toronto made famous during their World… Continue reading Rays baby blue is a winner

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Alyssa Milano loves classic uniforms

Yankees pinstripes, the Rangers diagonal logo, New York Giants colors and the Celtics old school style: theses are Alyssa Milano’s favorite sports unis. In a recent interview with, Milano explained her penchant for classic sports designs, which will surely make her even more attractive in the eyes of male fans. She’s also a longtime… Continue reading Alyssa Milano loves classic uniforms