Air Jordan as an Icon

Netflix’s Last Dance documentary was gripping. But the soaring on-court Air Jordan that we loved so much, is distinctly different in retrospect. Or, at least, the idea of Jordan, a high-flying hero with a great smile and superhuman talent, isn’t quite the same thing as his day-to-day persona in the trenches for the Chicago Bulls.… Continue reading Air Jordan as an Icon

The Lasting Allure Of LaMelo

Back in December, before the chaos of 2020, the future of the National Basketball League was all at once about a talented and highly touted import carrying the weight of international promotion over and above anything a Hemsworth or former Neighbours star like Margot Robbie might ever achieve. Let’s call it the Allure of LaMelo,… Continue reading The Lasting Allure Of LaMelo

Warriors’ Thompson shoots because, well, he’s open

Golden State’s Klay Thompson is a great shooter, especially from distance, and most notably when he’s open longer than a 7-11. When he’s left alone, as was usually the case against the Chicago Bulls recently, he hardly misses. Why would he? In fact, he made 14 of 24 three-pointers in that game, a new NBA… Continue reading Warriors’ Thompson shoots because, well, he’s open