NFL flexes its content muscle

The NFL cleverly makes audibles on which games it will slot into prime time, recently moving the Bears – Rams game into a headline spot. It’s easy to see what goes into a decision like this when the two ‘replacement’ teams are from major cities. But while Chicago versus Los Angeles sounds good on paper,… Continue reading NFL flexes its content muscle

Raiders v Niners: Battle of the Bay

View this post on Instagram #raiders #raidersblackhole #raidernation #destruction #nfl #nfluk #nflwembley @raiders @nfl A post shared by John (@ace311) on Sep 29, 2014 at 1:09am PDT It’s been a while since the Battle of the Bay meant something and it’d be a long bow to draw to say it means something now. This is… Continue reading Raiders v Niners: Battle of the Bay

Top football technology

With the NFL season halfway through, let’s talk football technology. Style + Tech For Men once posted a Top 11 Highest-scoring Advancements in Super Bowl Technology. It’s a good list, with my favorite being No. 2, Supervision, a system of multiple high-speed cameras. These cameras provide us football nuts with high-def, ultra-slow-motion replays, which have revolutionized watching… Continue reading Top football technology

Where have all the quarterback heroes gone?

Remember when even the NFL’s worst quarterbacks were stars? When on any given Sunday, on any given team, you’d see a guy behind center you trusted, looked up to, and rooted for the previous week – no matter the numbers? Certainly many of yesteryear’s QBs lacked a rocket arm, had questionable footwork, and struggled to… Continue reading Where have all the quarterback heroes gone?

Jessica Simpson wore a best seller

Tony Romo’s No.9  was the best-selling sports jersey for the past year, according to SportsScanData. The top 5 sellers were listed on Yahoo today, with half a million Romo units said to have moved from shelves in the last 12 months. Second place? Favre, Jets, #4.

Tim Tebow will be a fashionable back-up

Tim Tebow stunned many by going in the first round of this year’s NFL draft, but should we really be surprised? In an era where questionable off-field antics are forcing clubs into weekly PR clean-up, Tebow might just be what the (horse) doctor ordered. Especially in Denver, where they’ve dealt with shifty characters and mediocre… Continue reading Tim Tebow will be a fashionable back-up