Hawks, Bruins go classical

View this post on Instagram ◾️▫️◾️©️◾️▫️◾️ A post shared by Chicago Blackhawks (@nhlblackhawks) on Nov 10, 2018 at 6:29am PST There are few things that stir our drink like a throwback jersey. And let’s face it, throwbacks typically don’t come any smoother than those produced by the NHL. The Winter Classic games in particular, help… Continue reading Hawks, Bruins go classical

Outdoor hockey, on thin ice?

Is outdoor hockey likely to stay? It took a puck to the crotch following the Heritage Classic in Calgary a few years back. Instead of praising the fun and tradition of the game, as has happened in past al fresco forays, several reporters are stuck on the cons – and probably still, to their frozen seats.… Continue reading Outdoor hockey, on thin ice?

Tampa Bay vintage

The Tampa Bay Lightning Leaf-style look is still great, despite more mixed reviews than a Super Bowl anthem singing. News sites, blogs and fan polls about the flash digs differ in their views with those in favour hardly overwhelming the detractors. I find this strange because the new jersey is all class. I’m no Armani… Continue reading Tampa Bay vintage

Jets flying home to Winnipeg?

It’s true – the Winnipeg Jets are being wished back into existence, remarkably after being exported to Arizona as a potential “cash cow” (or, er, coyote). So much for that idea. How much was the Phoenix Coyotes’ bankruptcy price, $140 million? And according to The Toronto Star, the club is now a further $20 million in the hole after this season.… Continue reading Jets flying home to Winnipeg?

Flyers need song, stamp and more to win

The Philadelphia Flyers are working with the US Postal Service to unveil a stamp of legendary singer Kate Smith at the Spectrum this month. As The Inquirer recalled yesterday, Smith performed “God Bless America” before the Flyers played the Boston Bruins in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 1974. And she’s been a good luck charm ever since because the… Continue reading Flyers need song, stamp and more to win

Canucks celebrate

“Canucks Day” has been announced in the city of Vancouver, following the team’s dramatic first round series win against the LA Kings. While some fans are not thrilled by the idea, we think it’s great to see the mayor and the city embrace the club. They’re even sending Fin the Canucks mascot downtown to hand… Continue reading Canucks celebrate

Vince and Hawks fans hope for 3-2 lead

Vince Vaughn and wife Kyla Weber talk forechecking at a recent Blackhawks games. Or maybe Vince is deciding on hot dog toppings. Either way, you have to love the team dedication. And isn’t Kyla a Flames fan? Respect.

Kings Jersey 1 – Other Jerseys 0

The Los Angeles Kings play tough hockey, as seen by their fierce checking against the Vancouver Canucks this week. But their alternate jersey isn’t exactly what you’d call tough – it’s just flat-out cool. This is the sort of design that makes NHL jerseys better than most other sports jerseys. A tribute to the Kings’… Continue reading Kings Jersey 1 – Other Jerseys 0