How the Jabulani spoiled the 2010 World Cup

This year’s football World Cup hasn’t exactly been an exercise in precision has it? It’s time to officially blame the Jabulani ball. The shiny new number, famous for dipping on unsuspecting goalkeepers, is oddly constructed with just eight panels instead of the traditional 32. Apparently the architects were looking for a marketing angle instead of… Continue reading How the Jabulani spoiled the 2010 World Cup

What we now know about the 2010 World Cup

One week of the 2010 World Cup down and how are we doing? Picking the upsets? Enjoying the way every airborne ball looks impossible to control? Or how it skids wildly off the grass after landing? How about the horns – is the hum ringing in your ears yet? Despite some of the oddities of… Continue reading What we now know about the 2010 World Cup

Seattle Sounders “electric” yellow jersey

Seattle Sounders FC revealed their new third kit last week and it’s very, ah…well, bright. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. People’s color preferences are their own personal choice. But seriously. This one could guide ships into Puget Sound on a dark, foggy night. Thankfully the new strip will be used sparingly says Sounders GM Adrian Hanauer,… Continue reading Seattle Sounders “electric” yellow jersey

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