White Reebok classic: The return of a legend

White sneakers have gone double-platinum on pop culture charts everywhere, topping Chuck Taylor Cons and even the iconic Air Jordans. Who could have picked it – not even Billboard. But when exactly did Reebok’s classic white club shoes from 1985 start re-emerging? Did the Doc and Marty bring them back in the Dolorean? Were they… Continue reading White Reebok classic: The return of a legend

Retro cool LED watch

This Diode LED watch by LIP stood out to us while reading nymag.com today. It’s just so old school 70s cool. And $250 seems a fair price. Seriously, this is the type of watch Batman must wear, right? Watchismo has more pics.

Puma’s getting clever

Next time you slip on a t-shirt for the gym or your runners for a jog, consider the logo you’re wearing. Was there a good reason you chose that brand, or was it just something you found under the Christmas tree one year? Well Puma might gives us all a reason to reconsider our sportswear… Continue reading Puma’s getting clever