The Lasting Allure Of LaMelo

Back in December, before the chaos of 2020, the future of the National Basketball League was all at once about a talented and highly touted import carrying the weight of international promotion over and above anything a Hemsworth or former Neighbours star like Margot Robbie might ever achieve. Let’s call it the Allure of LaMelo,… Continue reading The Lasting Allure Of LaMelo

Saluting The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post published some of the best magazine covers ever, like this one, illustrated by Earl Mayan in 1957. It features New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra waiting on a pop fly, while the crowd looks on anxiously. And to think you could once pay just 15 cents for this calibre of product.

Jessica Simpson wore a best seller

Tony Romo’s No.9  was the best-selling sports jersey for the past year, according to SportsScanData. The top 5 sellers were listed on Yahoo today, with half a million Romo units said to have moved from shelves in the last 12 months. Second place? Favre, Jets, #4.

Classic football game review

Madden might own football gaming right now, but back in the day it was all about 10-Yard Fight. Sure, there was Tecmo Bowl and John Elway’s Quarterback, but 10-Yard was always our favourite. Yes, it was slow and rigid, with no play calling and a strange vertical view. Tackling was clunky and no variation on throws made… Continue reading Classic football game review

NHL Ice Time is superbly distracting

iPhone Apps are taking over the world, aren’t they? Sooner or later we’ll be sending these things to our meetings and on dates. It’ll be like that Schwarzenegger flick The 6th Day, or any sci-fi with Bruce Willis. Anyway, one app that has impressed us is NHL Ice Time. This is a genuine good use of… Continue reading NHL Ice Time is superbly distracting

Baseball in Pittsburgh

When it comes to ballpark design, it’s hard to beat PNC Field in Pittsburgh. ESPN ranked PNC as the best place to watch baseball in 2009 and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Yes the architecture is great and the atmosphere is intimate but more than anything, it’s the view. And right now, Pirates… Continue reading Baseball in Pittsburgh