Warriors’ Thompson shoots because, well, he’s open

Golden State’s Klay Thompson is a great shooter, especially from distance, and most notably when he’s open longer than a 7-11.

When he’s left alone, as was usually the case against the Chicago Bulls recently, he hardly misses. Why would he?

In fact, he made 14 of 24 three-pointers in that game, a new NBA record. Forget the made shots, he launched 24 threes! How? Why?

The internet tends to salivate over things like this, as if making that many threes is some sort of epic achievement. Listen, it truly would be if Dennis Rodman was guarding you, or if Benny The Bull slammed a cream pie in your face before every shot.

Not only did neither of these things occur, but the Bulls players hardly breathed on the Warriors’ marksman. They may as well have cheered him on.

To make matters worse, the Bulls also struggled with screens set by diminutive Steph Curry, a player that couldn’t boxout an usher.

But then again, with some the NBA’s current defensive efforts, I’m pretty sure the same usher could break records of his own.